Apply to be a TEDxGeorgiaTech Student Ambassador!
Applications are due by Friday, February 2nd, 2018.
This is your chance to be in our official hype squad! Only one qualification - you love TED and you've got a passion for #ideasworthspreading. This year, we have two roles in the Ambassador Program:

Brand Ambassador - Approx. Time Commitment ~ 2 hrs/week
As a TEDxGeorgiaTech Brand Ambassador, you will have the opporunity to volunteer at our events and advertise the TEDx brand, helping us to reach a broader audience on campus.

Logistics Ambassador - Approx. Time Commitment ~ 2 hrs/week
Logistics Ambassadors will have additional responsibility of planning and hosting our smaller TEDx events throughout the year. If you want to take initiative and work with our organizing team to make our events a success, this is the right position for you! We just have a few extra questions for you down below...

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Why are you interested in becoming a TEDx Georgia Tech Ambassador?

What kind of events would you like to attend and be a part of?

If you would like to be a Logistics Ambassador, carry on. We have a couple more questions for you. Otherwise,  skip right to the end and submit!

What prior experience do you have in organizing events? Don't worry if you don't. You're welcome to learn with us!

How would you like to see TEDx Georgia Tech improve?

Thank you for applying!

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